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Originally Posted by WILLTHETHRILL View Post
You seem to want to spend loads of money that is not yours....... i.e. Tony Parker getting 15 million per year when it was not even close to being necessary. I'm more judicious on player salary and salary cap management than you are. I'm also more the tradionalist when it comes to sports and I'm not favor of ads on game jerseys during the regular season or playoffs. Practice jerseys maybe. As a fan I don't want to pay for a jersey with a Bank of America ad on it.....sorry. I'm also a fan of the game. I don't like ads on jerseys. even David Stern said he didn't like it but.........if the owners wanted it.......he would let them do it. Also I'm sure the NBAPA will want a cut too. Might cause another lockout or something. So keep it out of the game at least in the NBA at least. I'm not an old man here just 36 but sometimes it's nice to keep the game pure by not adding things to make it tacky and extremely gaudy. It's not something the game NEEDS!

Where did that come from? Are you going back to when I made the argument that Tony could earn a max contract if he took over the team? I was saying I wouldn't be upset if they gave him that, if he earned it by leading the team to a championship (which he didn't by the way).

As far as your opinions about adds on jerseys. . . I can respect that opinion. I just don't like hearing people say the owners are greedy for trying to find more revenue sources. That is not greedy. Everyone tries to find new revenue, owners, players, fans, everyone.
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