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Originally Posted by Jose_TheGenius View Post
he puts the ball in the hole like you said, isn't that a scorer?! Neal isn't a scorer. no one in the NBA thinks he's a scorer, no analyst thinks he's a scorer. there's a reason why some are great shooters and others are great scorers. you never hear Ray Allen being called a great scorer nor Reggie Miller because they were great shooters.

i'm not lying lol Bonner is putting the ball in the hole at a high %, so by your definition, he's a scorer. the part where your Neal/Bonner argument and the lie of me "lying" falls apart when Bonner AND Neal are in the game for the same purpose: to stretch the floor and shoot 3's. they both do the same thing, so if you're going to label one something, you have to label the other the same.
I never said anything or named Bonner anything... So you show me where I said anything about him being a scorer? If you cant then you made it up... so that means you lied! As for Neal... The truth comes from the boss himself!
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