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Originally Posted by td4mvp2k View Post
McCarney couldnt be more right about Brown and his ability to be able to defend an allstar like Durant after Jackson said he use to give another allstar in Wallace trouble. It would also allow the Spurs to get better with Jackson's contract as McCarney said. Brown and Witherspoon have the best talent and they should be the choice to fill the spots the Spurs have.
that's in practice though. if the guy is so solid, why is he fighting for a spot in the preseason? i'm sure he's good, but Gerald Wallace doesn't have the same perimeter and 3 point game as Durant because he's more of a scorer/driver. Brown nor Witherspoon fit in the SF spot unless we move them to a big and they'll be behind Splitter in the 4th spot with not much minutes to even guard Durant anyway or we have to move Jackson/Leonard to full time backup PF/C to make it work.

i don't understand how this writer goes on and raves about everyone except Powell but then says Powell is the safe bet to make it over the rest.
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