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Originally Posted by td4mvp2k View Post
You must like making things up and putting them in peoples mouths that were never said... Your way off and cant seem to understand... so you need to do better than tell lies...
he puts the ball in the hole like you said, isn't that a scorer?! Neal isn't a scorer. no one in the NBA thinks he's a scorer, no analyst thinks he's a scorer. there's a reason why some are great shooters and others are great scorers. you never hear Ray Allen being called a great scorer nor Reggie Miller because they were great shooters.

i'm not lying lol Bonner is putting the ball in the hole at a high %, so by your definition, he's a scorer. the part where your Neal/Bonner argument and the lie of me "lying" falls apart when Bonner AND Neal are in the game for the same purpose: to stretch the floor and shoot 3's. they both do the same thing, so if you're going to label one something, you have to label the other the same.
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