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Originally Posted by td4mvp2k View Post
RzaRectum7, "'Neal is the backup point guard if we had a regular season game tomorrow. He's significantly better now at doing point guard type things than he was last year. For somebody who is such a PROLIFIC SCORER and is so used to doing just that, it was a tough adjustment for him. Under those circumstances, he did a great job of trying to figure out what we needed him to do." said coach Pop. Oh yeah... End of story...Period!
Your a clown resorting to your little name calling now to prove a point. LOL Neal a backup PG, come on man he is not a PG and never will be (Pop needs to learn that one before it's another mistake of his). LOL significantly better now at PG, are you serious? Prolific scorer? LOL what is he Vinny Johnson from Detroits days off the bench now? He is a volume shooter as I said, he can go 5-5 and then the next night be 0-5 (Thats what he is at times). He can shoot I give you that, but he is not a pure scorer nor a backup PG in this league.

BTW he hardly could bring the ball up the floor at times, he can't pass near a PG level nor is he a PG type, he is more of a SG in a smaller body and Pop being what he is tries to bring him into a PG like he did Mason and in the end that can ruin a player! He misuses some, he is not a good backup PG, period. I hope De Colo and Mills come into that role.
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You could let it pick your brain for weeks and months, just replay it over and over, won't do you any good at all. When someone loses a loved one and they do that it only brings forth anguish. I feel acceptance is sometimes the key, it happened, now you have to react to it. Giving up is not an option.
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