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Originally Posted by td4mvp2k View Post
No! You don't have to be an inside out player to be a great scorer. And no your wrong because even with Green playing this season he has improved his game each season as well as learning to play the point. Neal is great off the bench and Green is no Neal!
Green is no Neal? Learning to play PG? Good lord what game did you watch where he learned to play PG? He is horrible at brining the ball up. Neal did not impress last year whether it was in an injury or not, how does he keep improving when he didn't play well at all last year? Improvement? I didn't see much but alot of missed shots (Playoffs especially). Green is a better defender as well no doubt and did the improving last year not Neal. Spurs brought in Mills and Decolo as a combo guard, why? They don't want Neal to be the backup PG nor trust him to, period end of story.

Where does Neal fit in with this team nowadays? I would like to see De Colo come in here and play some backup PG and take some of those mins, hope that works out because Neal is not a play maker and sucks at D.
Originally Posted by choppsboy View Post
As Hollinger points out, Neal can score in a variety of ways. Off the dribble, catch and shoot, pick and roll.

He is a scorer, and a very good one.

I don't think he is a very good scorer, more like a volume shooter who gets hot and can put the ball in the hoop, not a pure scorer though along the lines of say Maggette like Jose brought up who can light it up in a number of ways (Monta Ellis as well I might add). He can shoot like I said but he didn't show much progress last year to me and sure as hell was a failure at the backup PG (Not his position). His shot selection could use some work too, some games in the playoffs he would shoot and I would say what the hell was he thinking (Against OKC namely). He to me is a pure shooter at times, volume shooter.
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