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Originally Posted by choppsboy View Post
Wow, I am sick and tired of anyone who wants to make money being called GREEDY. I think the greedy people are the ones who whine about how much athletes get paid, and NBA owners make.

Who out there wouldn't take a bunch of money to wear an add on their shirt?

Why is it a win for the fans to not have ads on the shirts? How would that effect the game?

Oh how easy it is for fans to sit back and call Owners and players greedy as they fight over revenues. Every one of you would be fighting to get your share of the money if you were in their shoes.

It is You, the envious fan, who complains about high salaries and profits who is the greedy one. It is none of your business how the NBA makes it's money.
You seem to want to spend loads of money that is not yours....... i.e. Tony Parker getting 15 million per year when it was not even close to being necessary. I'm more judicious on player salary and salary cap management than you are. I'm also more the tradionalist when it comes to sports and I'm not favor of ads on game jerseys during the regular season or playoffs. Practice jerseys maybe. As a fan I don't want to pay for a jersey with a Bank of America ad on it.....sorry. I'm also a fan of the game. I don't like ads on jerseys. even David Stern said he didn't like it but.........if the owners wanted it.......he would let them do it. Also I'm sure the NBAPA will want a cut too. Might cause another lockout or something. So keep it out of the game at least in the NBA at least. I'm not an old man here just 36 but sometimes it's nice to keep the game pure by not adding things to make it tacky and extremely gaudy. It's not something the game NEEDS!
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