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Originally Posted by Rzarector7 View Post
No you are wrong he is a specialty guy like they said, he is not a great scorer! He can shoot outside yes, but he is not a great scorer, those can do it inside and out like they said (Last year he did not show much of that because of whatever so he needs to improve on that even to call him a great shooter). I agree he can get better, but last year he showed little because of injury or whatever, but he did not get better last year from his rookie year. Danny Green improved alot last year and was more of a scorer so to speak than Neal, period.

This year shall be a test for him and he must improve in some areas of his game. I hope he does not run the point again tough bringing the ball up lol, thats a embarassment.
Neal scores in a variety of ways. He has a great mid-range game. He can even score on drives. He only appears to be a specialist because of the Spurs drive and Kick, inside out game.

Neal has a knack for getting the ball in the basket no matter where he is on the floor.
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