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Originally Posted by doom32x4 View Post
Basically, If he can't take the time to correct something that obvious before he publishes, it makes me question the time he took to write it. Just shows a general carelessness. Plus, the analysis he gave isn't anything we didn't know. There was a reason Diaw ended up starting last year, he's a supremely gifted player with decent size and great instincts who has had issues with taking full advantage of his skill set.
people make mistakes and if you write an article, you'd probably leave it as it is with a mistake then correct it on a website after people have seen it since they'd be thinking you're changing your tune or message to swerve it a certain way. it's not carelessness at all.

Diaw starting was more of Bonner not being able to play starting Center, Blair being too short, and needing a balance with the bench since you can't really bench Diaw and keep a defensive presence to contest shots in the lane.

IF Eddy Curry makes the roster, it'd be a shock if Diaw starts next to Duncan and we bring Splitter off the bench with Curry. Diaw's gifts make him what he is, but just like Ginobili off the bench, balance is far more important.
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