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Originally Posted by doom32x4 View Post
Just sayin....... I personally don't place much stock in an article in which "elusive" is spelled "allusive." Allusive is a word pertaining to alluding to something in speech, not something hard to grasp.
so if a guy makes a grammatical error in an article, you just throw it away? guess it makes since sense no one makes mistakes....or makes sense since?

nevermind, the post is now null

Originally Posted by SilverSpur View Post
Speaking of Bonner, I can't help but notice the usual Bonner hype has been pretty much non-existant this year in the newspaper.

Could it have something to do with all the Bonner bashin' that the fans have done all summer?
his contract length and how he seems to go from shooting well early to dead horrible late has sunk in. no one's expecting anything out of him anymore.
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