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NBA’s uniform ad plan hits a snag?

The irony is so rich you can almost taste it.

Paul Lukas of Uni reports that the NBA’s plan to affix advertising to player uniforms, a la foreign soccer, has been shelved for the moment because, in his words, “the greedy participants are too greedy to figure out how to share the greed-generated wealth amongst their greedy selves.”

In other words, the owners couldn’t figure out how to share the profits, which promises to be an ongoing battle on multiple fronts with large-market franchises like the Los Angeles Lakers lining up massive new cable deals.

You’d have to imagine the situation would be similar in regards to uniform ads, with the Apple New York Knicks being reluctant to cut a share of their windfall with the Taco Cabana San Antonio Spurs. Hence, the plan to add 2 1/2 inch by 2 1/2 inch advertising patches for the 2013-14 season appears to have been put on hold.

Lukas was careful to couch his source, rating him/her a 6.5 out of 10 in terms of credibility. But as he notes, Yahoo! Sports ran an item recently about the owners being divided on the issue, followed by commissioner David Stern’s own admission that he does not support the plan. There’s also the fact that an owners vote originally slated for September has not yet taken place.

So it appears as if we might still have some time before one of the last unspoiled frontiers in U.S. professional sports is finally overrun.

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