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Yeah, Diaw will average double digit rebounds the day Duncan leads the league in FT percentage.

Though I do think Diaw has a huge opportunity here.

Like last year, though, my main problem is that between Diaw, Bonner, Blair, and Splitter, if you combined their strengths all into one player, we would have an awesome big man. But separately they are a bunch of ill-fitting parts.

Splitter: big man with great P&R game, good postup, good ability for rotation on defense, mediocre shotblocking, mediocre rebounding.

Blair: fantastic (though declining) rebounder, good at P&R, no postup, worthless on defense except for the occasional skill, no height for shotblocking or post defense.

Bonner: Great outside shooter, above average post defender (I know, but look it up), mediocre to awful at everything else.

Diaw: skilled but tentative shooter, fantastic passer, good post defense, no shotblocking, okay rebounding.

I just don't see these guys ever really "fitting" together.
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