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Originally Posted by californiaSPUR View Post
Pop knows he has to try something a bit different so they can match up better with OKC this time. So i wouldn't be surprised to see Blair and Boner go.
I'm all in agreement in trying to move Blair and bonner out but when? The summer was the time to do it! Training camp is about in 2 weeks so rarely will teams trade during such a period. If love for both to go but hate to say it but looks doubtful we can trade one if not both. Blair's best ticket out of San Antonio is getting waived and being free to walk. He's need to be packaged with either Joseph or Neal to net back something of worth. I think curry is here to stay. Just too much of a low post presence to let go. I can see splitter being relegated to starting center and having Diaw paired with curry as the reserves if Blair and bonner were to go. Pop will work on curry much more to eat him in shape and know how to defend in our system. SJax and TD are already on record showing support for the guy and his dominance down low still is apparent. Now if only we could get him to defend.....
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