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Originally Posted by Spurd_On View Post
I'm not against Curry. I think it is just being pointed out that his past could weigh on the final decision. I have no idea how things turn out by Oct 31, but if Curry is to make the team, he will have to overcome any doubts lingering from his past. You make a good point that having played for D'Antoni in NY is not always a good benchmark but there were other teams as well. Maybe none of them were good benchmarks.
huh? he was with the NBA Champion Miami Heat last year and couldn't get any court time with 3 superstars in their prime, they even had to go small because no bigs would step up. guy looked out of shape yesterday and, like when he tried to help out on perimeter defense, looked clumsy. Curry has potential, but he has a way to go on tapping it. right now, Splitter and Blair would outplay him. Powell, because of his athleticism and willingness to learn and already a decent player over Curry, has more potential to help this team right now.

Originally Posted by SleepyAdamII View Post
I think Curry has a more polished offensive game, one or two moves to get to the basket. Thats about all.
i agree with that totally. problem is if he can't defend better than the other guys he's worthless on this team. last year's problem was defense.

we might cut both guys, might keep both guys somehow, or just one depending on what the coaching staff sees from each. can't take too much out of this game besides effort and some brains on the court since it was their first actual game playing together.
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