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I know most are not but I'm rooting for Curry the underdog. Guy got a lot of bad reputation and I'm rooting the best for him. The fact is he has talent and early on in his career he showed it, but as the money rolled in along with injuries he blew up physically and thus faded. But the fact tht he's lost a significant amount of weight and is earning praises from SJax and TD has to earn for something. Yes Powell has played well but he has his first non show outing in last night preseason game against den. Derrick Brown plays d real well but offers no outside shot. At least with Curry, you know what you'd b getting. He's 7 foot tall and is too big to not be a beast down low. If signed, he'd be treated exactly like splitter being paired with a shooting big like Duncan or Diaw. I'd love to somehow keep Powell as well but fact of the matter is we'd be lucky to sign just one of the three big guys on the bubble. I'd love to ship Bonner and Blair out of town but it would only happen mid season not during training camp
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