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I heard a term used on a medical show the other night where a patient has a burst of energy and life before they succumb to their body's ailment. It's called surging. I just hope that Curry isn't providing us a demonstration of surging before succumbing.

Also, here's a little news item tidbit I found on SpursNation:

So when news of Eddy Curry’s encouraging performance in Wednesday’s Spurs-Hawks game began showing up in tweets by eyewitnesses of the Spurs’ 101-99 victory at the AT&T Center, perspective came from somewhere in New York by a poster named “Netw3rk,” whose acerbic observations are enjoyed by many league observers.

“I love pre-season optimism about Eddy Curry,” Netw3rk posted. “It’s like the beginning of a horror movie when everyone is saying, ‘What a great cabin.’”

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