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The New York Knicks Are The Oldest Team In NBA History

Marcus Camby. Kurt Thomas. Jason Kidd. If that sounds like the foundation for a middle-of-the-road create-a-team from NBA Live 2001, you may want to brace yourself, Knicks fans: these guys are all on your roster.

When 38-year-old Rasheed Wallace officially unretired and signed with the team Wednesday, the Knicks made a bit of history. At an average age of 32 years and 240 days old, New York’s 13-man rotation is the oldest in ever in the NBA, according to research by STATS, LLC.

Center Tyson Chandler, who turned 30 on Tuesday, says he doesn’t think the roster’s advanced age is a detriment, noting that the Mavericks team he won a title with in 2011 averaged 30 years of age.
“Obviously, we’ve got some guys a little over that mark,” he said. “But you know what, the guys that we do have are going to bring great veteran leadership and they bring a calmness around the team that we didn’t have before, and it’s only going to benefit us.”
While some would call it “veteran leadership,” others would call it “being old as balls.” Here are some players currently on the Knicks. The number next to their name denotes how many years they’ve been on this planet.

Kurt Thomas – 40
Jason Kidd – 39
Rasheed Wallace – 38
Marcus Camby – 38
Pablo Prigioni – 35

Yikes. There’s a joke to be had here about the Garden hopefully having easy access for Rascals, but as a Knicks fan I’m too depressed to make it.

The 2012 New York Knicks Are The Oldest Team In NBA History | SportsGrid
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