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Originally Posted by Bryhn View Post
Funny you say that. During the last election and first year of Obama you were hard pressed to find conservatives in this forum....... and there was a lot of action.

Now, after a couple years of Obama, its been nothing but crickets .

Interesting, huh?
are we better off now than we were when Obama inherited the disastrous economy?


if you think the unemployment number is good right now, wait until we "fall off the fiscal cliff" and Congress pass lower/middle class tax cuts while doing nothing for the wealthy: more revenue comes in and more public sector jobs become available and that sucker will get smaller.

trickle down never worked and massive tax cuts never worked (see Dubya Bush era) while higher taxes to redistribute (not a dirty word because all taxes redistribute: from Social Security to Medicare to infrastructure to any government job) around does work (see Clinton era) and builds a surplus which we had which got flushed down the crapper by tax cuts
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