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Originally Posted by alh1020 View Post

The penalty for the first offense would be a warning, then a fine of $50,00 for the second offense, $10,000 for a third offense, $15,000 for a fourth, and $30,000 for a fifth infraction.

Six or more flops could result in a suspension.

Though many players across the league were outspoken Wednesday in their support of the NBA’s anti-flopping attempts, the National Basketball Players Association announced its intention to file a grievance arguing any new economic forms of discipline must be collectively bargained.

Bonner is a proponent of the system employed by FIBA, international basketball’s ruling body, which allows game officials to assess a technical foul to a player suspected of flopping.

“”You look at what they do in Europe, with the technical, that seems more in line,” Bonner said. “It’s enough of a deterrent to keep guys from flopping. Fining guys, I don’t think is necessary.”

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There is no doubt that something needed to be done. Calling a T sounds appropriate. Ignoring the collective bargaining agreement was a knucklehead move by the NBA.
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