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Spurs’ Bonner: NBA’s anti-flopping policy goes too far

Spurs forward Matt Bonner, a vice president of the National Basketball Players Association, had not heard about the anti-flopping policy the NBA formally introduced Wednesday.

Apprised of the details — a system of escalating fines for serial offenders — Bonner said he didn’t think the new rules would pass muster with the players union.

“I don’t think it will hold up,” Bonner said. “If it does, I’m curious what the collateral damage will be. It’s too extreme in my opinion.”

The new policy would use next-day video review to catch suspected flops, which the NBA defines as any action meant to fool a referee into calling an undeserved foul on another player.

The penalty for the first offense would be a warning, then a fine of $50,00 for the second offense, $10,000 for a third offense, $15,000 for a fourth, and $30,000 for a fifth infraction.

Six or more flops could result in a suspension.

Though many players across the league were outspoken Wednesday in their support of the NBA’s anti-flopping attempts, the National Basketball Players Association announced its intention to file a grievance arguing any new economic forms of discipline must be collectively bargained.

“Obviously, flopping isn’t a good thing for the game,” Bonner said. “The question is, how do you police it? Fining seems a bit extreme, to say the least.”

Bonner is a proponent of the system employed by FIBA, international basketball’s ruling body, which allows game officials to assess a technical foul to a player suspected of flopping.

“”You look at what they do in Europe, with the technical, that seems more in line,” Bonner said. “It’s enough of a deterrent to keep guys from flopping. Fining guys, I don’t think is necessary.”

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