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Originally Posted by Kager View Post
I am going to start sounding like I am repeating myself here but I do not want to start sifting through trade S Jax threads to see options that are newbies or cast offs from other teams that the Spurs magical culture will Yogurtise them into someone we actually want.

S Jax may not like working out in the off season but he provided a key scoring and defensive factor that nearly took us past the Thunder, insert whatever reason you believe we failed, and we will definately value that link in our chain this year with more time to integrate it into the structure.

Do not trade S Jax unless you are getting a proven entity that will be the key to beating the restocked teams of the West.
I agree, and at a annual salary of $7.5-12.5 Million (which is Jackson's annual salary +/- 25%), that is what we should be able to get.
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