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Originally Posted by td4mvp2k View Post
I don't see them cutting Blair unless they make a trade and I think a player like Oden is just what Duncan needs next to him. I think at this point anyone they sign to come off the bench at that position is a risk, even Curry... It takes first comers to the the Spurs a season or two just to learn all the schemes they run. BTW I heard Oden was healthy and has been working on his conditiong at his former school and that the Indiana Pacers want to sign him when he returns.
they should because they have depth in almost every position (great depth in their big positions) to take a chance on them. if they had our bigs, no way they try it.

we're supposed to have a max of 15 players with a minimum of suiting up 12 (i think anyway, anyone correct me on that). not everyone can be benched if they're streaky or pure shooters (like Bonner if you're expecting him to be warmed up to make a difference) and Blair hasn't been the best at being benched for a long period of time. none of the guards we have should be wearing a suit (especially De Colo who needs some time even at 3rd string). also, the Spurs don't want to go near the luxury tax on signing guys to bulk up the team.

if you sign Oden, you have to give him some time with no pressure. if you think Blair throws a fit when he gets benched for Diaw, you'd have to think he'd flip out if he got benched for an injury prone guy who can't last a full season. also, if your prediction on that Malcom Thomas guy (was it?) comes true, there's no room for Oden at all.
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