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just the fact that people are even whispering trade scares me. the one single player who showed the biggest huevos and heart we contemplate shipping off? i think its funny really we talk about getting a legit big man but most forget that in order to get that its going to cost us more then jack's 10 million contract. id take his "take no prisoners" or "kick everyones ass" attitude any day rather then risk shipping him off for a player who isnt close to us getting what we need. keep mr. "i make love to presure" in san antone and have him retire a spur, you know it, i know it, we all know it that this is just how it should be. when danny green melted, TP was silenced and manu was kept at bay capt'n was the lone ranger still standing knocking down those clutch 3s even if it was merely delaying the eventual conclusion.
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