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The case against trading Stephen Jackson

I’ve been on a kick the last two or three months about the plethora of options Stephen Jackson’s contract unlocks. It’s become a minor obsession of mine (a totally healthy one). And while I do think dealing Jack for a big who can defend the pick-and-roll and/or protect the rim could make the Spurs better in the long run and possibly improve whatever title chances they have, all is not lost if they keep him.

It’s clear from the first few days of media access that one of the points of emphasis for the Spurs defensively is physicality. I wouldn’t venture to call the Spurs of the recent past “soft,” that’s a harsh thing to label a team in professional sports these days, but you wouldn’t think of them as a team that will punish you either. This season, it seems the Spurs are trying to move more in the direction of the latter.

The case against trading Stephen Jackson | 48 Minutes of Hell
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