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Originally Posted by td4mvp2k View Post
I think Oden if healthy would of been worth a look in camp because he is a true center and there's not many around anymore and he was the best down low in college. Many players have returned from injuries like his and have had good careers. If willing, with the right coaching and training he could be one of those players. What do the Spurs have to lose... Nothing.
a roster spot. if you bring in Oden and Duncan, Diaw, or Splitter get hurt for a long period of time, you're either forced to play Oden for extended minutes or play a small in the big position without training him, assuming the Spurs would cut Blair. i don't think Pop would be crazy enough to play Bonner/Diaw off the bench or start Bonner like he did in 2009 either. if you keep Blair, you can easily insert him in the starting lineup with anyone really since he's played with the scheme. the sad thing is we don't have the luxury that we used to have where we'd sign a veteran hungry for a title to be 3rd string (Kevin Willis, Tony Massenburg) who can come in to play extended minutes during an injury like when TD got hurt in 2005. Greg Oden is way too much of a risk to depend on coming off the bench and using him when he's needed, especially with this lack of depth we have in the frontcourt.
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