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Originally Posted by Spurd_On View Post
4th backup big spot? What about Bonner? Sounds bizarre to me but you never know. Leonard and SJax at the 3 seems ideal. Why would they mess with that?
Bonner would be in Blair's spot as the 5th big behind Duncan/Diaw/Splitter/Small Forward

Green/Ginobili can play the 3 (since our 3's are typically spot up shooters like Michael Finley and Brent Barry used to play the 3 respectively). i do still believe we're going that route to somewhat try to counter what OKC did vs. us with Durant and what Lebron did with Miami. if either play the 4, it's pretty hard to then play Bonner/Blair/Splitter/Duncan/Diaw at the 4 vs. him, adding more depth to the G/F spots seems ideal if you're going the small ball off the bench route.
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