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Originally Posted by Flipmode Master View Post

Manu Ginobili has always been a special player, memorable to say the least. His game is filled with dazzling passes and amazing finishes at the basket. The San Antonio Spurs would not be the franchise they are today without him.

This upcoming season could be an interesting one for Ginobili because the Spurs are such a deep team. Coach Popovich will likely keep Ginobili’s minutes as low as possible, preserving him for the inevitable playoff run.

Ginobili once a premier player is slowing down a bit and isn’t as consistent as he once was. So it will be interesting to see if he stays healthy and how he adapts his game against younger players.

MVP Texas | What will Ginobili Bring Next Season?
This is exactly what doesn't need to happen this season. We played Beautiful team basketball last year until we shortened the rotations against OKC. We need to have our rotation down before the playoffs start and stick with our system. If Ginobili plays 26 MPG in last month and a half of the regular season, he needs to play 26 MPG in the playoffs.

I think last year against OKC, we really went away from what gave us the 20 game win streak. . . team ball.

Ginobili and Duncan going one on one made us fall apart.

Don't take this comment as a knock on Ginibili or Duncan. Where it had the most impact was on the confidence of all the other players.
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