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While I´m at it, I´ll break it down:

James Anderson (Couldn´t play on the current roster)
Gilbert Arenas (Locker cancer).
Leandro Barbosa (We have too many better options than him)
Rudy Fernandez (Can get way more money elsewhere)
Michael Redd (Wants more money. He won´t bring a good Return on Investment)

Guards - Forwards:
Marquis Daniels (Don´t like what he brings. Wouldn´t be an upgrade over the current roster)
Mickael Pietrus (Same as Redd)

Lou Amundson (Signing elsewhere)
Donte Green (Doesn´t upgrade our roster)
Josh Howard (We´ve been all over with this guy and didn´t bring him when he was valuable. Why now?)
Yi Jianlian (Only for business reasons due to Chinese market)
Kenyon Martin (Too expensive)
Tracy McGrady (He could be good to mentor our young wings. But I´d rather have Manu and Tony doing the mentoring)

Chris Andersen (Signing elsewehere)
Kyrylo Fesenko (Meh... Could be worth a shot for the minimum, but just a slight shot and consideration, just if he brings something to camp)
Darko Milicic (signing elsewhere)
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