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Originally Posted by MichaelWi101 View Post
Is he the kid that went to San Diego State with Kawhi? If I remember correctly he didn't have much if any offensive game.

At this stage of the game I don't think there are that many open spots for 'guaranteed' contracts especially for guys who haven't really shown they can play or contribute on a night in, night out basis.
He's the guy who teamed with Kawhi. I agree, he didn't show a lot of offense but what got my attention on Thomas was what a commentator said, I don't recall who, that he had read that Thomas was better defensively than Kawhi in college. In the very small amount of PT he did get, he showed me he had very good lateral movement, had quick reflexes and was a quick leaper for his size and he stuck to his man. I wished the Spurs would have left him in Austin and continued to develop and he might have been invited to be on our summer league roster for more exposure. But as soon as I heard he had a 10 day contract I knew he would be gone and garbage PT is not enough floor time to show what you can really contribute to a team when you're playing with guys you've never played with before.
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