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Fantasy Trade Scenario

You know I’m seeing a lot of twitter traffic saying that Josh Howard has strong interests in resigning with the Jazz. If that rumor is true, the Jazz would have trouble resigning Howard because of the conflict that Raja Bell is creating by not signing his buyout with Utah. If the Spurs are posturing themselves for a possible trade and are having a look at Howard, how about this fantasy scenario --- do a sign and trade with Howard and include any combination of Bonner, Blair, Neal, Joseph for Bell and one of Utah’s big men (Kanter, Favors, Jefferson, Millsap). Utah is relieved of Bell for Howard and the Jazz lessens the logjam along their frontline with so many bigs vs limited playing time allowable. Plus Utah picks up some valuable 3-point shooting in Neal and/or Bonner. We get our big and if Bell doesn’t work out, waive him. And depending on how many players we lose in the trade, we free up some slots to look at other bench players. If we can crunch the numbers to make it work, what the heck -- might be worth a look. Or we can go into camp still needing a big and a logjam at the 2-3 positions.
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