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Originally Posted by grizzly_bexar View Post
Tiago splitter has not underachieved. At least not last year. He was at an all star level of efficiency. He did play off the bench, so that does skew the stats a little bit because he is not typically playing against starters, but he plays at an extremely high level, plays smart, plays hard, scores with great efficiency, and it does so without complaining at a reasonable price. There are a ton of teams who would love to have this guy on their roster. So I suggest we not complain about guys who have improved and can still get better. No, he's not David Robinson or Tim Duncan, but he's light-years ahead of guys like Darko.
Well said Grizz..... problem here is with the hype every unknown starter gets on this board even TD would be a bust if he started now "not athletic enough, doesn't have an outside shot to spread the defence... look at this random stat....."
........ And World Peace
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