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Originally Posted by esparzar1 View Post
I wanna say he was drafted 28th but during that draft year he was actually projected as a late lottery pick. Of course you always have that one player "slip through the crack" on draft day and fall in your lap. That happened to be Tiago for us, but to get back on track.....Splitter was projected a lot higher in the draft then he went, so I honsetly think the draft argument is pointless....anyways, I'm still waiting to see what he does this year before for I make a judgement call. Clearly, he has not performed up to expectations as the Spanish league MVP, just sayin
So what Blair was projected lottery his draft year and Jeremy Tyler was at one time #1 overall projected too. Both second round picks. Your wrong on the projected late lottery projection in 2007 for Splitter. Before 2007........his projection was late lottery not the same situation. Perry Jones was supposed to be top 5 and Sullinger top 10. They slipped but their most current projections were not lottery. Yes Spanish league MVP should do more. I agree with you on that but again late first rounders are PROJECTED to be rotation guys. He is a rotation guy. He met his quota draft wise in my eyes.
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