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Originally Posted by b1gdon View Post
Minutes and production are two related stats which makes trying to control for them difficult. If Tiago was a more productive player, he would get more minutes which would boost his stats. Also, players who play more minutes play against better competition and compete for touches with better players, so their production per minute is dragged down. Overall though, you can look at a guy who plays 30+ minutes per game like Marc Gasol, look at his per minute and per game production and compare it to Splitter and see that there is NO COMPARISON. Gasol is a much more talented player and it bares out in the stats.
i'm not arguing that Gasol isn't a better overall athlete, the point of my point is that (if someone wants to compare them, which they did) they haven't had the same opportunities and Gasol has had more opportunities to succeed than Splitter has, most which are coaching decisions, not because of his play.

Marc Gasol went to a team that was going to be his and he was going to be the main guy in the post with the Grizzlies supplementing players to help him out. Splitter came to the Spurs having to adjust to Duncan's 4 Down plays (and really not being effective because he's not a mid range player to succeed in that). the majority of the minutes going to Duncan and (up until some of last year Duncan showing a consistent jumper) Splitter has had no one to compliment him because Blair started and Bonner gets few minutes. if before Blair can't play with Bonner (forcing Splitter to play next to Matt) or Duncan trying to adjust to Splitter a little bit, how would Splitter get more minutes even if he was extremely good? do you think if Tiago was extremely better than Duncan (for argument's sake) but couldn't play next to Duncan, would we bench Tim? that'd be an easy no.

that's really the whole point. the Grizzlies have catered to Gasol while the Spurs have forced Tiago to change his game to fit with this team. if you match Splitter's minutes with Gasol's and adjust the numbers, they'd look pretty close. there's just a lot of factors to the comparison, but they're not remotely close. Tiago could be a way better player if he was able to play like he could.
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