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Originally Posted by tbp82 View Post
I think the problem with Tiago Splitter is people thought he was gonna come in and be the next Duncan or Robinson for this team. He didn't turn out to be that nor did he ever have the potential to be that. So, in the eyes of those people he would be considered a bust. But, me personally I don't think he is a bust. I thought he would come in a be a role playing piece for this team and he has been that. He is solid on the pick and roll, he gives effort everytime he gets minutes and while he is not a great defender he is a servicable defender. 6'11-7'0 Centers are hard to come by and he gives The Spurs at least that. I don't see any reason why he can't be a servicable piece for the Spurs for the immediate future.
I don't know about stud center. I was looking for at least a Rasho Nesterovich and at this point he's not there. Offensively he's better, but he is nowhere near as close on defense.
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