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Originally Posted by Flipmode Master View Post
I don't think the sensible Spurs fan thought he was going to be an all-star but for him to atleast be a starter on such a small team.

Just seems kinda odd, a Spanish MVP can't get more minutes when his only competition are undersized power forwards.
i think him on the bench is not entirely his fault. Pop had to think of a decent front court shuffle with his bigs. i think Blair starting isn't Splitter's fault but more Bonner and Blair's inability to play next to each other which forced Pop to start the one who doesn't pair well with Splitter off the bench.

Diaw really brings some experiments that Pop can do. he can fit next to Blair, Splitter, or Bonner which might help start Tiago and have Diaw off the bench (or start Blair and bring Diaw/Splitter off the bench). he might have a bigger impact this upcoming year than years before.
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