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A bust???? Seriously???

Let's see now, due to injuries he played in only 60 games in his first season, his second year he played in 59 games and except for games started and steals per game every single one of his stats went up.

To me most folks are upset at his failure to respond during crunch time during the Thunder series, but he wasn't the only one who disappeared during those games either.

Is he the answer to DH? Of course not, but then again nobody else in the league is either. Is he able to give the Spurs some good quality minutes, yes and frankly I'd rather see him on the floor than either Bonner or the undersized Blair.

Will he be a superstar, probably not, but I do think he'll be an integral part of the Spurs in the future, but this year will be his most important one,he has to show growth and the ability to play tough all the time.
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