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Originally Posted by Uwe Blab View Post
We said the same thing about Miami and look how that turned out.
not necessarily, the problem was never with their Big 3, it was with Lebron and Wade. they overcame that with one playing PG while the other played their position. Bosh was never a guy seen as a true superstar and never needed the ball in his hands either.

now you're talking about 3 guys with different types of play: one likes to handle the ball and run, the other likes to play outside in, and the other inside out.

why we should be happy about this trade is they've decided to trade 2 starters for the best center in the NBA.....with a bad back. the Lakers former strength (2 big guys protecting the rim) is now gone. this actually opens the opportunity for Blair to start and no need for him to be benched for Diaw (if Pop goes that route).

they have no depth and Nash can't play more than 30mpg without wearing down (especially in a defensive minded team and that's what Brown will stress). he gave Terry Porter hell when Porter wanted Nash to spot up and shoot and defend well and that was when he could still play at an MVP level. don't forget World Peace is gonna be asked to strictly be a defender without seeing the ball much, how he handles that will determine the locker room attitude.
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