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Originally Posted by tarco0 View Post
it's exiting, it's for a medal, we haven't won many this year.
it's a big deal in Argentina to win even bronze.
I guess it's all a matter of personal perspective. Usually from what I've seen of these types of games, neither team wants to be there because they're disappointed that they didn't make it to the finals and it usually shows in the type of play.

If the game is between Spain and Argentina than there will probably a bit more of an edge to it than if it's Argentina against Russia, (and all this is assuming that Argentina loses to the US again). Manu will play like Manu always plays, full out and frantic and as a Spurs fan I wish he wouldn't because he's gotten much more fragile over the years. And I don't want to see him waste one of his last two years rehabbing another injury that he got playing in a non-NBA game.

With the tension that exists over the Falkland Islands, a really cool medal game would have been Argentina Vs Great Britain, but maybe in 2016...
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