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Originally Posted by tabspur View Post

I actually accept Bonner for what he is. Someone who fits the Spurs image, and can help out occasionally during the REGULAR season. However, there is no way this guy should ever see any protracted minutes during the playoffs. Not excluding his numerous bone head plays and missed assignments, he cannot hold up to the turned up defensive pressure the playoffs bring. He cannot put the ball on the floor, is a marginal passer at best, and a worse defender ( whether it be the post or the perimeter), and has trouble getting his shot off under the type of pressure the playoffs bring. In essence, during the post season, he is nothing more than a dnp, or someone to come in and spell someone should the game be a blow out. In terms of Blatche, we are talking about a minimum contract for someone that has an decent upside, knuckleheadedness and all. Is he worth the gamble for the midlevel type of contract? No. However, for the last roster spot, I would take him for the veterans minimum.
I guess Neal and Jackson fit the Spur image? Trade Bonner! He sucks!
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