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Originally Posted by WILLTHETHRILL View Post
I thought Bonner sat down the entire time in the last playoff game? What did he play the game before 2 minutes? What good is that at 3.6 million per?
you forgot to read the "albeit in the regular season" part, but it's ok

yes Will, the guy who played 23mpg in the NBA Finals, who battled under the basket vs. the Pistons, and was our starting center.

the problem with your analogy? he was our STARTING CENTER. you're talking about bringing in a guy who won't get close to that many minutes and will be our FOURTH big.

Diaw will get around 30mpg, Duncan will get around 25mpg, Splitter will get around 20mpg, whatever your boy will be getting wouldn't be a factor in there during crunch time or early on. that's why last year (to actually prove your point wrong with your own point) Bonner got little to no minutes and he was our....wait for it....FOURTH big, just like you want Chris Anderson to be. if he's not going to get minutes or valuable minutes, there's no point in bringing in someone just because you hate Matt Bonner and won't improve the team.
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