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Originally Posted by WILLTHETHRILL View Post
There was no Webber for David Robinson trade talk. CWebb was a FA and the Spurs FO talked to him and that was it. They talked to Jermaine O'Neal too. Also I never heard ever of a Charles Barkley coming to SA at any point as a FA or trade at any point in his career. I think if I recall the MJ for David Robinson stuff was basically hog wash too. It was really who would you rather have type of thing at the time. Also it was before Jordan won all those titles. I think it was at the time just radio talk and a debate topic. I'm not that old but followed basketball at a very young age so it's cool to look back at some of these things. Some happened and some didn't. I think lots of things have gone the Spurs way. I'm so glad Derek Anderson left town after one year. :applause Just an example.
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