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Originally Posted by katyspursfan View Post
Wow. Some serious kool aid being poured around here.
First, I haven't watched any games because they are, uhm, summer league.

But, seriously, Leonard is playing in the summer league.
He's playing against guys trying to find a team. It's the freaking summer league.

I'm not discounting anything he has done, but he's done it all against summer league talent. And for a total of two games.

His scoring should increase next year. That should be expected after a real training camp and real practice during the season.

But I'll go out on a limb here. If Leonard is the second highest scorer on the Spurs next year, Bonner's failings in the playoffs will be the least of our worries.

Damm right I'm drinkin the Kool Aid.....doesn't mean ya gotta be drinkin the "haterade" I stated it was the summer league so I'm not trying to look to much in to it but read my previous posts. If Timmy scores 13-15 ppg and Manu does the same, is it really that far fetched to think that K. Leo can't score the same as the two aboved mentioned players? Answer me this, who was arguably our most consistant player in the playoffs? That would be my home boy Kawhi Leonard. He's only gonna continue to get better with the opportunities he's given.

Man, this Kool Aid taste GREAT!!!!!
I think he's going to be a star. And as time goes on, he'll be the face of the Spurs, I think.--- Coach Pop on Leonard

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