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Originally Posted by polk View Post
If 2 of your next Big 3 is made up of Patty Mills, Danny Green or Gary Neal, you are definitely in rebuilding mode. That team is a top 5 lottery team. Like everyone, I was pleasantly surprised by Kwahi's production this year. I think Kwahi's game will always be complementary. Not a player you build around but a great complementary piece. Similar to what Gerald Wallace or Joe Johnson would be if Brooklyn gets Howard. If these guys are your 2nd and 3rd best player then you have a nice team, but if they are your 3rd and 4th best player, then you have a team capable of winning a championship.
Very true. There are guys who can lead a bad team in scoring at 20 points per game, and guys who can lead a championship team at 20 points per game. I don't want to get too far ahead of myself and projecting where Leonard can go, but I still have a hard time seeing him as the best player on a championship team. Partly because the bar for that is set so high with guys like Durrant and James in the league now.
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