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Originally Posted by MichaelWi101 View Post
Nice, we've got one of our next big three..
Originally Posted by Guapo View Post
I'm hoping that either Patty Mills, Gary Neal or Danny Green can become #2 of the next big 3. Lets hope Patty gets more playing time this season.
If 2 of your next Big 3 is made up of Patty Mills, Danny Green or Gary Neal, you are definitely in rebuilding mode. That team is a top 5 lottery team. Like everyone, I was pleasantly surprised by Kwahi's production this year. I think Kwahi's game will always be complementary. Not a player you build around but a great complementary piece. Similar to what Gerald Wallace or Joe Johnson would be if Brooklyn gets Howard. If these guys are your 2nd and 3rd best player then you have a nice team, but if they are your 3rd and 4th best player, then you have a team capable of winning a championship.
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