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Originally Posted by Guapo View Post
I'm hoping that either Patty Mills, Gary Neal or Danny Green can become #2 of the next big 3. Lets hope Patty gets more playing time this season.
This season Patty should get the playing time he needs and I think we'll know pretty quickly how he's going to be (although it seems like there was a great deal of discussion and disagreement over how good Tony was going to be, I'm one of those who questioned his long term viability )

Can't see Gary Neal being it, I doubt he'll finish up the season with the team, Green, for some reason, I just have my doubts, going to be interesting to watch De Colo play, apparently he's a very good passer and has a nice shot. Playing with Tony and Boris this summer should help him get ready for the season

Would love to see Tiago take that giant step, but not going to count on it.
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