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Originally Posted by WILLTHETHRILL View Post
Replying to Jose's comments^^^^^^^^^

I did have a locker room source in the past but not a front office source to be honest. That person left the Spurs before last summer but he was exposed to the FO. But as far as myself wanting to bring back SJax was later admitted by RC Buford that they did indeed had an interest in bringing SJax back for years not just last season! Which I didn't say that exactly but people claimed they knew they would never bring him back. Whatever! So sometimes I do pull stuff out of the air on my trade ideas but not always. Also some of those plans never happen even if the Spurs tried. I know the Spurs a while back really wanted Mike Miller bad. He most likely will never wear the silver and black and again this was years ago. I know they scouted Steve Novak a lot before his draft. And look they signed and re-signed him in recent times. I predicted Nando De Colo and at the exact pick in 2009. On Scola the only thing I heard was the Spurs and his agent having p*ssing contests. I think Pop likes Luis Scola. R.C. likes him. Sometimes the business end doesn't match up for both sides. Scola and Javtokas are the prime examples. The Spurs directed their focus and money on Matt Bonner and Jackie Butler instead of the previous mentioned players. That doesn't mean Pop and RC dislike Luis by any means personally or basketball wise. My source never tipped off to me that there was this ill will towards Scola. Also if anyone ever goes to the games.......Pop has a pre-game huggie fest sometimes with certain opposing players before games. Scola is one of them. You think Pop would hug Scola if he hated him? Pop would love to bring in Scola even today I would bet the house on that but ask yourself this everyone................. Bonner/Butler or Scola/Javtokas?

Well spill the beans. Where did your source work in the organization? Come on, no one's journalists here and they don't work there anymore anyway. Closest I've come to knowing anyone is my sister's friend who was some kind of marketing employee and they got me a signed basketball with all the players names on it back in 91 or 92. But she was hot so she probably would have gotten that anyway.
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