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Originally Posted by grizzly_bexar View Post
Question is, how much better can a team get by having an offseason of prep, a full training camp, and having gone through the playoffs together?

I mean, their chemistry was the highlight of the second half of the year. This isn't like we struggled on how to integrate Sjax and Diaw. We played our best ball with them (plus Manu healthy).

So I'm sure we'll win a lot of games, but doubting that it'll be any different when we run into a team like OKC in the playoffs again.
i think the team got a bit timid at the end with the new pieces. Diaw would mainly distribute instead of score, Manu looked at that also, Parker never adjusted to the defense (maybe because he didn't know how to with new teammates). no one wanted to be "the guy" with new pieces who could be "the guy" at some point during the game. just my opinion though (or at least hoping we were good enough).
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