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Originally Posted by Uwe Blab View Post
Oh Jose, you devalue Manu when people talk about trading him and then overvalue him when people talk about his diminished play. Just admit it, you simply do not want him traded no matter what. But in reality, he and his contract ARE still attractive to some teams, particularly one that may want to clear space. If Joe Johnson's contract can be traded, then anything is possible. And Manu's trade kicker is a mere 5%, so that really isn't a deterrent. And also remember, last year after the Spurs lost to the Grizzlies, they made it known that everyone except for Duncan was available for trade. So, no, Tony is NOT the only tradeable one.
not in a 2 for 1 where we give up either Parker/Manu/Duncan for one player (especially a player who got owned by the Spurs the whole playoffs). that just wouldn't make sense.

are you comparing Joe Johnson's $19 million contract while still young to Manu's $10 million while he's old and injury prone?

that's not even a fair comparison. Manu's contract is attractive to who exactly? can you name some teams who realistically would trade for him? what contender would give up $10 million in rotational players (because we're still contending) for one player who may get hurt every other game? what about a lottery team who won't be going anywhere and just renting out an injury prone player who'll leave the next season anyway leaving them in the same situation?

i'm staying consistent on Manu. no one would realistically trade for him, but Al Jefferson for Manu straight up would still be a bad deal for us because Jefferson can only work backing down opponents (slowed down Utah's game, imagine the Spurs who want to run?) and can't defend well anyway. like someone said earlier, trading Manu would be ticket sale suicide in San Antonio, that's why his value is so high to the Spurs and not as attractive to other franchises.

you just don't like the guy as people have stated. you sir, devalue him as a Spur and over value him in trades apparently because you would trade him for slow centers or any other player.
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