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Originally Posted by katyspursfan View Post
The one-dimensional abilities of the Spurs need to blamed on RC and Pop down to the D-League.

Start with CBA limitations when you have more than a few really good players who make a lot of money. Then you can't just sign other really good players.

Pop has to deal with declining players who can't move their collective feet. Preferred method of 'defense first' deferred to 'make do'.

Players are asked to participate in 'team first' attitude. This actually works. Fans are stoked!

Team wins lots of regular season games by out-scoring the opponent. Fans are stoked!

Teams wins first couple rounds on playoffs by SWEEPING opponents! Fans are talking about sweeping the playoffs.

Spurs lose when OKC has time to exploit Spurs weaknesses. Spurs never win again.

Did I miss anything?
you forgot the free coffee after Spurs win playoff games, just gets people way too hyper out there
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