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Originally Posted by Jose_TheGenius View Post
i hate to say it, but Duncan wore down faster than KG did. KG played below average all season while Duncan played above average (not great, but better than good). KG turned it on all around in the playoffs, while Duncan had spurts here and there. the part that makes me worry about depending on Duncan too much for too long is that we had depth all year while the Celtics had no depth and KG was able to keep his legs while Duncan didn't. you can't really compare the 2. if you did, then you'd have to say Duncan should take less than KG for the fact he's worn down greatly in the playoffs compared to the regular season.

also with Manu being a FA next year along with SJax, Duncan taking up cap space for 3-4 years would basically have us in a handcuffed situation with an old cornerstone going into the lottery.
If you look at the numbers, TD was pretty darn good and consistent. The problem is he can't carry a team, but he's not expected to anymore. If you have a problem with paying TD 12 million, then you should be flipping your lid with Manu getting 14 million, because he was much worse than TD in the playoffs.

Bottom line is TD deserves what we are speculating he will get.
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